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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What to do when God says go forward but You need to know more.

So I am at a really pivotal time in my life right now, a time of change and transition. And as is the nature of us human beings, this can be a very uneasy time, where when we need to see things so clearly theybare often not that at all.

But nevertheless, God continues to tell me and you to GO FORWARD! I was read ing in Exodus 14 today as the children of Israel were fleeing Egypt and they approached the Red Sea ahead of them and Pharoah and his goons behind then and they started to despair again. They, much like us, were faced with the perceived uncertainty of what lied ahead, and the perceived comfortability or security of what was behind them. In the midst of this all, their leader Moses went to God to pray and God says, why are you crying to me, get up and go forward (Exodus 14:15 my paraphrase). But he doesn't tell them how they will get through what's ahead of them until after he tells them to get moving. I believe the next verse, when God instructs Moses to lift up his rod and part the Red Sea (Exodus 14:16) wasn't spoken until after they started moving again.

I am learning more and more that this is one of the ways God works, he gives us an instruction and once we start to follow it, he opens up doors to make it possible. I know to us this is a little unsettling and for this of us who tend to be more practical this can seem crazy, but it's proven in scripture over and over again. I would tell you where, but you might need to study a little on your own to show yourself approved, LOL.

But seriously, the next time God asks you to move forward on a command or promise without giving you the whole plan, and you require the full layout first, remember, that may be your way but not his and it may make no sense to you, but all the sense in the world to Him. When we face these times it's important to remember what the Holy Spirit said through Isaiah in
55:8-9 his ways and thoughts are different from ours, but not only are they different they are "higher" or BETTER. Take his way, it always works better than your own.

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